RippleByte is a Decentralized currency for Peer-To-Peer Payment solution with a very limited number of coins available.

Max Supply

16000000 XRD

5500000 Available XRD
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    Low Fees
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  • For investors of 3,000 XRD or more
  • 1.0% fee for ATM and purchase transactions
  • Priority for limited perks
  • 4x points for air miles
  • 3x points for hotel points


  • For investors of 10,000 XRD or more
  • 1.5% fee for ATM and purchase transactions
  • 3x points for air miles
  • 2x points for hotel points


  • For investors of 20,000 XRD or more
  • 2.0% fee for ATM and purchase transactions
  • 1x points for air miles
  • 1x points for hotel points

XRD at Glance Major Aspects Of Decentralized RippleByte.

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    The XRD Community
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    Open Source Software
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    Wallet Encryption
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    Mining Reward
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XRD RippleByte

RippleByte is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, low-cost payments across the World. RippleByte is an open source, a seamless payment network that is fully decentralized without any central authorities. It procures advanced technical features like faster confirmations, High ends security and Improved storage efficiency. RippleByte with its Hood trade volume and fluency in commerce and trade industry makes an alternative space with Cryptocurrency.

Token Distribution

Company reserves 10.5 M

Total Supply(ICO)5 M

Referral, bounties, others 0.5 M

Total Supply is 16000000

Unsold tokens will be burned

Token Price Table

Day Volume Price
1 335000 0.10 USD
2 342000 0.12 USD
3 338000 0.14 USD
4 370000 0.16 USD
5 319000 0.18 USD
6 295000 0.20 USD
7 326000 0.22 USD
8 358500 0.24 USD
9 337500 0.26 USD
10 293000 0.28 USD
11 306500 0.30 USD
12 361000 0.32 USD
13 348000 0.34 USD
14 345000 0.36 USD
15 339000 0.38 USD

Token price will be constantly increasing on each sale day

Initial Token Sale

— Public Token Sale starts 15th May

— Public Token Sale ends 30th May

— Burn remaining Tokens 3rd June

— Bounty and Contest token credit 15th June

Our goal for XRD tokens is to continue growing following the decentralized payment structure and become the mainstream go-to-currency for storing , trading and for transactions and become one of the top cryptocurrencies.

Buckle Up journalist and influencers, We've Got a great job to do !!!

XRD Good features.

Listing on
ExchangeXRD will be listed on Top Exchange


ConfirmationsXRD software holds faster approvals

Wallets for allAdvanced wallets for all devices


Stable and Secure
RippleByte has dedicated wallet encryptions

Our Team

RippleBYte team members are proud to have the opportunity to work with individuals in services daily. RippleByte has an open team structutre wherein every individual with the potential to work and grow with us is welcome.

If you believe you can be of help and want to join the team, please contact us

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